• all updates may be posted in our respective character journals or to the subcomm @omniversality
  • @omniversality is also where we post anything that's part of the game's overarching narrative, such as cv event information, game-wide plotting posts, game-world news, updates from npc perspectives, character discussions, etc.
  • npc posts can be made using either a primary character journal or our own multi-character npc journal, eg. @pluralist


  • an aggregated timeline will be maintained via the game's master plotboard to promote storyline continuity, interconnectivity and progression.


  • character journals may be considered part of a regular social media network for all first-person communications.
  • because the details of a character's experience with the shift is completely up to a writer and the range of possibilities is limitless, there is currently no preset miraculous way that cv identities are immediately able to find or otherwise communicate directly with each other, and it shouldn't be assumed that every character whom ours interacts with knows anything about the shift at all.
  • however, apart from hinting the crap out of the shift's symptoms in-character (at the risk of coming across insane..), there are a few other convenient ways to dive right into the cv side of things:
    • pre-plot some sort of accidental 'reveal' scenario with other writers
    • get your character involved with game-wide cv events (those things are just like, teeming with shifters!!)
    • have your character pay attention to the news. all news-type items posted in @omniversality are considered information in the public domain and accessible to any character, especially if they know what they're looking for. some articles may also contain clues and prompts for more ways to connect with other shifters, dun dun dunnn...


  • the general population of this game-world is not aware of any form of superhuman existences and activities. reports of such incidents are available only on the down-low, for example via word of mouth, conspiracy theories and other forms of sensationalized media. for the most part, society on this earth does not take seriously even the possibility of metahumans living among them, and anything out of the ordinary is generally considered by non-cv identities to be either dreams, delusions, hysterics, hoaxes, hearsay, and/or other forms of misinformation.
  • in cases when cv-related happenings are too large-scale to go unnoticed by the general public, o.m.i.t. does have among its resources an electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse repositioner (yep, legit from the MIB Universe), which may be used at a writer's discretion in any character-specific or game-wide plots. part of o.m.i.t.'s agenda is to maintain societal stability from foreign irregularities, and they can be assumed to step in when necessary if not explicitly stated.
  • au identities typically have no vivid or lasting memory of the events of each 'shift week' due to the refractory effects of the human mind readjusting to the shift-inhibitors. further details regarding what a character is able to recall between shifts are left up to a writer.

Shift Week

  • at midnight in any location's timezone, and for one week beginning on the third sunday of every month, the global transmission of o.m.i.t.'s shift inhibitors are programmatically disabled.
  • during this week, alter-identities are no long suppressed within their hosts and may manifest accordingly.


  • all powers, abilities, items and locations that are non-native to the game's earth setting can be made available as and when it best suits a character.
  • storyline speaking, these supernatural artifacts do not usually manifest at the same time as a cv identity's first shift, since they require a shifter to come into contact with an 'uncreated reality zone', the sole exception so far being the shifter who created those zones in the first place. the circumstances surrounding a character's contact with these zones is up to us, but would ideally be incorporated into the character's story and not randomly spawned as a sort of deus ex machina.
  • other than those of npc's, unlocked artifacts will not be tracked in any official way, and it's encouraged that we keep tabs on our characters' cool stuff in their directories!

CV Continuity & Reboots

  • cv identities may be thought of as the 'astral forms' or 'souls' of their canonical counterparts, which are here in the game-world as result of their demises after being abducted by the stranger.
  • at the current point of the game's timeline, all cv identities have no recollection of their abduction or anything that occurred while in the domain of the stranger; and even recent events prior to the abduction may only be vaguely recalled.

  • because cv identities have no material form in this world, they can no longer die or be destroyed in the game per se -- a storyline loophole used to our advantage in bridging the technical issue of broken continuities between different writers of a cv. as such, host-alter (au-cv) combinations can be considered mutable, and cv's may potentially be 'rebooted' into new host bodies, essentially letting us wipe and reset any defunct character's backstory.
  • unless already provided, the exact details/circumstances of any host-hopping will be up to the new writer of the rebooted character (eg. an au's death, or an au rejecting the cv for whatever reason, if the cv is able to recall their previous host, etc.)
  • a cv identity may also go 'dormant' after hopping hosts, ie. they're still 'there' somewhere on the game-earth, present within an unidentified host but hasn't manifested until that cv is rebooted as a player/non-player character.
  • no revived shifters are currently present in the game-world, thus neither shifters nor the o.m.i.t. are yet aware of this host-hopping phenomenon. all character disappearances or deaths in-game should for now be considered permanent and irrevocable by surviving characters.

Character Roles

  • primary: a writer's main developing role(s); primary characters must have a journal
  • auxiliary: developed roles with their own story arcs but aren't top-priority in our schedules; auxiliary characters should have a journal unless they're a dependent (too young, can't type, is a literal dinosaur, etc.)
  • reserved: characters with specific or upcoming functions in the game's overarching narrative, to be used mainly for game-wide events and currently unavailable as playable characters
  • honorary: characters with longstanding, prior backstories; currently reserved from adoption and major plots
  • ongoing: npc's with ongoing continuity; if adopted as a primary character, the role should ideally continue with its backstory intact.
  • dormant: cv identities who are present in hosts but have yet to manifest

Non-Player Characters

  • other than reserved characters, all npc's in the game can be considered collaborative, multi-writer projects, free to be developed or used in any of our plots.
  • to avoid clashes like double-booking, please reference and update the npc schedule where needed!
  • unless otherwise noted, npc's may also be adopted as primary characters, either as-is or rebooted as a brand new character.

NPC Shifters

  • unless explicitly stated, npc shifters can be assumed to abide by all typical patterns of the shift as documented by o.m.i.t.
  • undeveloped npc's can also be assumed to have one of their associated powers/abilities/items, which may be written in by any writer who first requires the npc for their plot.


  • sike! there are no activity requirements. do what you want and when you can. this is a low-stress creative environment where we just wanna tell stories and keep building on them. (plus, let's be real, enforcing activity is kinda redundant in this game 'cos even if a writer gracefully bows out or loses their muse and retires a character, we'll probably put a little asterisk beside those character claims and honorary-npc them for all eternity.)
  • that said, we're also here to grind up on and roll around in each other's creative juices, and lookin' alive lets us do a lot more of that!


  • for those motivated by structured deadlines/goals, here's a little incentivized activity chart to help keep our eyes on the prize every month:
    • be our awesome selves
    • + post twice in @omniversality
    • + get involved once in any multi-character plot that isn't our own
    • = one unlocked doom quest
  • all updates also count for credits

Doom Quests

  • Available from July onwards, Doom Quests are a secret assortment of premade plots manipulated by Doctor Doom. These will typically be objective-oriented missions conducted as a written, turn-based thread, in which the Doom Master -- ahem, a volunteer game master -- provides the narrative for a character’s decisions and actions. (Dice may or may not be involved...)
  • A writer’s choice of one Doom Quest can be unlocked after completing a character’s monthly activity goals.
  • Successful completion of the quest itself may potentially unlock for the participating character(s) certain special items/powers/plots, in addition to earning player credits and boosting the game’s overall Quest Score.

Quest Score

  • Points from successful completions of Doom Quests are tallied into the game’s overall Quest Score, used to unlock game-wide story arcs aimed to dynamically alter the progression of the game’s overarching narrative.
  • Progress and more details here!