Since 1997, The Last Watchmen has been a collective of various individuals bonded by a common purpose: to search, investigate, and—yes, conspire—for the truth behind the fictions that are propagated to, and upheld by, the status quo and the corrupting forces that govern them. As an alternative news source, our agenda is to collect and disseminate articles from around the world that challenge the preconceived notions of the masses that arise from the ‘facts’ that are routinely supplied to us by larger—monetized—media networks. What began as a humble periodical of our investigative journaling was revamped into a web-log of ‘conspiracy theories’ in 2010, after which we have since chosen to also entertain, publishing even the most outrageous, ‘crackpot’ theories in our endeavor to leave no voice unheard, no stone unturned.

We are an unregistered non-profit organization and we accept no donations, as part of our social conscience to proliferate the inalienable human right for information and truth without conceding to financial greed. To support our objectives, we merely ask that you keep an open mind and respect your inborn privilege to a self-formed opinion.

Aug 24, 2018, Update: After a deluge of questions and commentary about our moniker, ‘The Last Watchmen,’ we’d like to publicly state that no reference was intendedly made to the DC Comics limited series of a similar title. Of course, we highly support any opinion to the contrary, especially in an era of growing evidence of metahumans; though to the best of our research, this collective was formed prior to any of the events published on this blog regarding the ‘superpowered’ that are claimed to exist within our societies.

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